Wafer Connection Improves Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

At present, various external connection forms are used to connect pipe valves, including the whole valve connection. Flange connection is well known. It is a connection that uses circular flange forged from stainless steel material to connect with every part of valves. As a commonly used connection form, wafer connection is also effective. Both flanges and screw threads are utilized. Wafer connection can be considered as a comprehensive connection form. Wafer hard seal butterfly valve is quite classical. Wafer connection is mainly used to connect valves with valves or valves with pipes. 

A kind of flanges is mainly used for the connection. The flange plays as a role for wafer connecting. There are a lot of holes on the flange, which can stabilize wafer effectiveness. This is one of the connection forms mainly used for connecting butterfly valves. In terms of wafer hard seal butterfly valve, structure caused by wafer connection can improve overall constitutive property of pipe butterfly valves to a certain extent. 

What’s more, pipe will become more stable during operation. Position offset cannot occur when pipes are suffering from impact of media. That is also an advantage of wafer connection. Wafer connection has excellent constant effectiveness. 

Wafer Connection Improves Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

Apr 03,2015
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