Weak independent innovation on domestic high-end valve market

Along with the country revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry step by step, the development of general manufacturing industry base will be a key support. The petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and city construction will enhance the demand for valve demand. But in China, there is feasible difference for valve substitution in each sub industry

At present, whether in the domestic market (valve market analysis) policy, or the existing technology (technical) level, is not favorable for the advanced valve researches. High-end valve need more policy guidance and research support. In fact, species and quantity of high-end valve products is in a small rate. Compared with developed countries, there is a gap in the advanced valve technology. Therefore, in order to shorten the gap between Chinese high-end valves and that of the developed countries, more policy support is not enough. High-end valve enterprises should also continue to strengthen the construction of its brand awareness.

At present, the domestic high-end valve market has many disadvantages:
R & D investment is insufficient in the long term
There is a obvious gap in the concept of product technology development between domestic enterprises and some developed foreign ones. The lack of funds for scientific research, R & D investment, has become an important factor restricting valve companies to do independent research. According to incomplete statistics, the investment for research has counted less than 2% in the enterprise main income. Compared with the amount of investment in famous foreign companies, investment in the whole valve industry in China is rare. Chinese pump industry annual R & D investment is rather less than a foreign enterprise research fund.

Weak capacity of independent innovation
Report says that Chinese machinery manufacturing industry digest and absorb slowly with imported technology. The majority enterprises are not strong in technology innovation. The main source of mechanical products core technology relies on 57% imported. Although most of the products from domestic pump industry are basically independent manufactured, but domestic enterprises undertake the low end product processing sectors. The breadth and depth of independent products should be improved. The core technology of nuclear pump products in localization of complete sets of equipment from nuclear power plants and the High pressure boiler feed water pump core package products from million kilowatts of supercritical and ultra supercritical coal power plant which still rely on imports.

The poor consumption of domestic products 

Although the domestic products meet with foreign in performance indicators. But some customers are still willing to buy the industrial products from abroad. This increases the difficulty for domestic first sets important technical pump equipment to enter in the market. Although many domestic high-end pump products is with high technical grade, but some departments are refusing to use them and give reason that the products are lack of operating performance and other reasons to use.
Aug 29,2013
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