Non Leakage Metal Seated Forged Ball Valve From China

The metal seated forged steel ball valves from China have obvious cartridge style features. Its top entry design allow little time and money on installation, maintenance, replacement of the cartridge internals and downtime. Its other specific advantage is that it has no leakage, with no effect on existing piping and welds.

The Camseal body/bonnet joint is not affected by the pipeline stresses. The in-line body bolting is not easy to loose or fatigue. So the body doesn’t exist leakage. All valves can meet zero bubbles for four minutes at 50 psi and 1,000 psi nitrogen. The critical modular internals is isolated from thermal effects from seal surface. The internal Gland Wrench concentrically loads the stem packing without tools, with no leakage and longer packing life.

Because of the robust engagement between the one-piece stem and the ball, the ball valve is reliable and accurate. The blowout-proof stem is of superior bearing support, thus making it has proper axial alignment. The flame spray chrome carbide coating has strong bond strength and coating density. These entire obvious advantages make it has long life service and no leakage in harsh environment like high temperature and pressure. In line serving can be finished in 30 minutes, even in the application abuse process, it has no leakage at all.
Sep 16,2013
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