Tips for Maintaining and Installing Tefulong Control Valve

Due to special characteristics, several tips need to be considered when install and maintain tefulong control valve:

1. The valve and flange cover plate cannot be taken apart optionally, except for having being prepared for connecting with piping. Otherwise, PTFE flange face may warp and transform due to temperature difference or foreign matter, having impact on sealing. If the cover plate should be moved for inspection, it must be reset after inspection to protect PTFE flange face. 
2. When tefulong control valve connects with piping, gasket is not used solely in general. However, when the valve connects with flange face which made from other materials such as materials, gasket should be adopted to protect PTFE flange face. 
3. When tefulong control valve is used in system, leakage may occur under high temperature. The system temperature should be decreased to room temperature firstly. Then, identify the causes and carry out maintenance.  
4. High temperature welding is allowed to be carried out directly on valve, in case of liner being damaged permanently. 
5. Flange nut should be screwed up successively and equably according to diagonal, equipped with appropriate torque. 
6. Valve must be stored in room having desiccation and ventilation. Piling is not allowed. 

7. When valve stored for a long term, sealing pair should be prevented from deforming permanently for pressing, which may influence sealing performance and service life.  

Tips for Maintaining and Installing Tefulong Control Valve
Jun 04,2015
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