Features and Working Principles of Flow Control Valve

Flow control valve is a kind of valves that depend on changing flow resistance at restrictor to control the flow late at the restrictor so that can regulate velocity of actuators such as hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. Flow control mainly includes throttle valve, speed regulator valve, overflow throttle valve and diverging collecting valve. The valve is installed horizontally. 

Features of flow control valve:
Flow control valve is a kind of multi-function valves which control flow rate through high precision guiding. The valve is suitable for distribution pipes where flow rate and pressure need to be regulated to maintain concerted flow rate. The overlarge flow rate is limited to a concerted numerical value and upstream pressure is reduced appropriately. The upstream pressure changes while downstream pressure is not impacted. 

The valve should be selected based on dimension of pipes, the maximum flow rate and flow range of valve.

Working principles of flow control valve
Flow control valve consists of automatic core, manual core and display part. Display part includes core of valve, transmitter of sensor and electronic calculator. 

The operation is quite complicated. When measured flow passes through the valve, the flow impacts vane wheel inside core of flow control valve. The vane wheel rotates and interacts with sensor. The sensor sends out electric signals directly proportional with flow rate. The signal is transmitted to electronic calculator. After being calculated by calculator and processed by microprocessor, the flow rate is shown. 

Manual core is used to control flow rate. It is used set the required flow rate according to shown numerical value. Automatic valve is used to maintain constant flow rate. Even though pressure inside pipe net transfers, automatic core can open or close valve automatically to keep constant flow rate under the pressure. 

Features and Working Principles of Flow Control Valve  

Jun 18,2015
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