API 609 Hard Seal Butterfly Valve,Wafer Type,Flanged End

API 609 Hard Seal Butterfly Valve,Wafer Type,Flanged End
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  • China Valve Industry Co.,Ltd produces hard seal wafer butterfly valve by introducing foreign advanced technology and adopting rubber sealing ring and three eccentric multilevel metal sealing structure,which is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical,water supply and other industrial pipelines as a role of cutting off or regulating the flow of fluid.The sealing surface of valve seat and disc are made of stainless steel with different hardness,providing long service life and good corrosion resistance. The hard seal wafer butterfly valve has a two-way sealing function, which complies with the national GB/T13927-92 standard .

    The characteristics of hard seal wafer butterfly valve:

    1. The sealing ring is made of stainless steel, offering dual advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal.Whether in low temperature or high temperature, it all has excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistant, long service life etc.
    2.Large-size butterfly plate uses lattice structure with high strength,small flow resistance, large flow area,ect.
    3. The valve has a two-way sealing function,is neither restricted by the flow direction of media nor affected by the spatial location when installed.It can be installed in any direction.

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