China Valve Market Needs to Find Another Way

Valves as economic construction basic parts, its market competition gets increasingly fierce.Some common valve markets have saturated, which renders small and medium enterprises producing ordinary valves more and more difficult to develop. The demands of domestic valve market for valve products have reached the contented state, in which market outlook the international export can be expanded,and  the domestic valve brand and technological design are trying to be put into the international market.

China valve market prices are relatively stable. Although it is slightly up and down every year, the magnitude is very small. Future, the valve industry will move towards the two main directions:a single species to multispecies, toward energy saving.At present, total annual demand of China valve market is no less than 10 billion yuan. According to the scientific outlook on development, it is inevitable for China to put infrastructure like water, electricity, gas into the top priority to ensure economy coordinative development and the needs of improving people's life future,which is exactly favorable position for the use of the valves.That is to say, as a new rather than replaceable china valve market, the explosive power and potential of its demand will be staggering.

The future metal valve market will supply from single species to multispecies and specifications to meet the needs of complete sets of manufacturing project, Valves for a manufacturing project of an enterprise greatly tend to be provided by a valve manufacturer.But in the high-end technology,there is still a large gap as chna valve manufacturers compare with foreign valve manufacturers.Technological innovation and upgrade of products become a main stumbling block to block the rapid development of China valve products.

Sep 26,2013
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