Status Quo of China Valve Casting Industry in 2013

Any high-tech generation is a double-edged sword. The existence of anything will be faced with both opportunities and challenges. The valve casting industry is no exception. According to experts’ analysis, the valve casting industry is in period of seeking direction at present, problems and opportunities are to explain as follows.

Firstly, the low per capita consumption laid a weak foundation. It is understood that the valve casting industry is a sunrise industry, but the per capita consumption of China valve casting products is not high in the world at present, only $22 per capita, which belongs to the starting stage.

The current international economic form is complex.Capital debt crisis is intensified. Iron and steel, metal products export in China is serious. If China wants the valve casting industry to obtain the considerable development, stimulating domestic demand is inevitable. But the current domestic demand is low. There is a lot of work and responsibilities to be done to get long development.

Secondly, the technological level falls behind. Raw material is in a stage of wasting huge. According to statistics, the total output of castings is 35.30 million tons in 2009, ranking first in the world for ten year running, with an average annual rate of 10.9% increase. However, due to the limitation of casting technology level, casting steel, casting iron and other casting raw materials waste a lot in the production process.

The casting valve enterprises in our country is small in size, low industrial concentration unreasonable product structure, weak capacity of independent innovation, equipment and technology backward and other shortcomings. And they highlight the extensive development mode of high input, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency, low benefit. In the increasingly stringent requirements of energy saving and emission reduction of the environment, the backward technology is not conducive to China valve industry and save the cost, neither conducive toChinavalve industry in the fierce competition for more living space, even to the long-term development of the valve industry.

Thirdly, manufacturing is back up slowly.  According to statistics, China manufacturing PMI was 50.6% in November,  0.4 % points higher than in October, and the index of the last three months rebounds slightly, showing that the domestic economy is bottoming out, but what is most important is that there is currently no improvement of operation in small enterprises. The PMI index has been in 50% or below since April. It fell instead of rising in November, Overall, the rebound of manufacturing is instable currently, valve casting industry is a branch of manufacturing industry, the general situation influences the relative process in the industry.

Lastly, Limited anticipation on the policy. It must be paid attention that how the policy is made. It is reported that in development process of the casting industry, energy-saving, emission reduction, monetary easing policy has a significant impact on the industry, and the development of valve casting enterprise needs to be paid more attention to the change of the casting industry. And they can adjust themselves according to their own operations.The valve casting industry development may present the state of cautious optimism in 2013 when in the limited anticipation on the policy.

Aug 19,2013
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