Choosing Valves Based on Rate of Flow

When flow needs to be regulated, valves are necessary. Types of valves should meet the requirements of equipment. Valves in common use contain control valvesplunger valves, throttle valves, etc. The followings are choosing valves according to usage. 

1. For cutting off or connecting media, choose the valves whose passageway is straight. Those valves have low flow resistance. Various types of valves have straight passageway. Globe valves, plunger valves and other types of valves are very unsuitable. They have higher flow resistance than other type of valves due to their zigzag passageway. 
2. Used for media having suspended particles. If media contain suspended particles, valves whose disc can slide along with sealing face and have wiping are the most suitable, such as flat gate valves
3. Valves used for reversing shunt must meet the requirements of reversing shunt. The valves may have three or more passage ways. Plug valves and ball valves are proper. Two types of valves are mostly used for reversing shunt. Under some situations, other types of valves can be also used for reversing shunt of media, if two or more valves are connected together properly. 

Moreover, transmitted media should be also taken into consideration. Some media are corrosive. So, besides categories, corrosion resistance of body is more important. 

Choosing Valves Based on Rate of Flow

Mar 26,2015
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