Response to A Call of Improving the Recovery Rate of Waste Valves

Domestic valve industry has entered a period of rapid development in recent years.The identity of valve products have been gradually expanded from commodity to a broader industrial field; high technology has proposed higher requirements on valve products; all kinds of tasks on environmental protection treatment,recovery and recycling of discarded valve products will become more and more tough.

Valve casting industry belongs to a rising industry, becoming a basic materials industry keeping peace with steel, cement, timber and other industries.China entrepreneurs and investors with good vision have invested in the valve casting industry. With a rise in the power station valve,valve for chemical industry and valves for food, the industry has a very broad space for the development.

At present, China valve industry has entered the fast lane of development and will last quite a long time.Along with the relevant industry presenting the developmet trend in diversification,there will be more and more arduous tasks on all kinds of environmental protection treatment, recovery and recycling of discarded valve products.

In the powerful productivity and market consumption capacity of China valve, it will inevitably make the valve recycling become a problem. "China valve industry and relative industries should be well prepared for recycling operation later and make a contributtion to the environment before problems are not expanded." said experts 

At present, China has become Asia's largest valve processing center and one of the largest valve market in the world,have a broad development prospect and attractive market profits. However,the recovery utilization of waste valves is not on the agenda. Consequently, how to respond to the call of the national energy-saving is a serious problem for every enterprise.

Sep 27,2013
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