Russia Withdrew Negotiation for Supplying Gas to Ukraine

It was reported that after failing to receive guarantee how Ukraine paying for bills, Russian representatives left assembly room, ending negotiation which was expected to settle disputes between Russia and Ukraine about gas price having been lasted for several months.


However, both European and Ukrainian officials expressed that a contract still expected to be reached. And they would continue seeking for consensus to eliminate risks that Ukraine who suffering from civil war could not acquire sufficient gas supply in the coming winter.


Russian representatives withdrew negotiation before dawn on Thursday. Previously, two sides had already negotiated for overnight. During that period, Barroso, the Chairman of EU talked over the telephone with Poroshenko, Ukrainian President, hoping that the latter could sign relevant contracts. Ukrainian Prime Minister told to cabinet officials thatUkraineshould have enough capitals to pay for 5 billion cubic meters of newly imported gas so that every family could keep warm in peak demands of winter.


Arseny Yatseniuk, Ukrainian Prime Minister also said that EU had already agreed to become guarantor for future payment. But, Russian officials still consider that did not reach an agreement on guarantee during negotiation and withdrew negotiation at 4:00 am.  


In the past several months, disputes about gas supply were always developing with armed conflicts between Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebel forces in the eastern region of Ukraine. That also became another chip for Russia influencing conflicts. It is concerned that if agreement cannot be reached, Ukrainian may be faced with an energy crisis in this winter.


Once gas transmission from Russia to Ukraine is disturbed by any forms, Russian gas supply needed by the whole Europe will be affected. About 30% of gas in EU comes from Gazprom, the Russian monopoly exporter. Among that, half of gas is acquired from gas pipes crossing though Ukraine.  


Russia Withdrew Negotiation for Supplying Gas to Ukraine

Oct 31,2014
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