Russia Denied to Cut off Gas Supply to Europe

It is reported on August 27, Ukraine warned Europe that Russia may cut off gas supply to Europe in this winter. But Russia responded that Russia will continue to supplying gas to Europe, no matter how political situations will be.


Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine said the Ukraine learned that Russian planned to stop gas transmission to Europein this winter. However, Novak, the Minister of Ministry of Energy denied that soon.


“Ukrainian energy industry is quite difficult currently. We learned that Russian planed to cut off gas supply to EU. And that is why European enterprises are asked for storing gas as much as possible.” Yatsenyuk said on a government meeting. But he did not disclose that how he heard about Russian plan.


Novak treated Yatsenyuk’s speech as an idle rumor. “He aimed at misleading European consumers of Russian gas or sending wrong information on purpose.”


Novak also claimed that Russia will do its best to carry out gas contract signed with European importers, whatever political issues about country are. He states that Russiais willing to negotiate with all parties including Ukraine for energy. 


In less than 24 hours before Ukraine sent the warning, Putin, the Russian President, Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine and Oettinger, the energy commissioner of EU held a meeting, including discussing about ensuring Russian gas supply for several months of high gas consumption in winter.


Further more, on August 27, Peskov, the spokesman of the Kremlin announced that Russia still and will always be reliable gas supplier for Europe.Russia hopes that Ukraine can also ensure gas transmission without obstacles.


A source of Russian government claimed that Ukraine starts to use the gas supposed to supply to Europe to meet its own demands and that is higher the possibility that Russia cuts off gas supply to Europe.

Russia Denied to Cut off Gas Supply to Europe


Aug 28,2014
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