China Signed Gas Cooperation Agreement with Uzbekistan

On August 19, under the witness of Xi Jinping, the President of China and Karimov, the President of Uzbekistan, Zhou Jiping, the chairman of the board of CNPC signed a gas cooperation agreement with Fayzullayev, the chairman of the management committee of Uzbekneftegaz.


According to the agreement, CNPC will set up joint venture with Uzbekneftegaz, constricting and operation the pipe of China-Central Asia gas pipe D-line in Uzbekistan jointly. Both two sides will cooperate closely to ensure the program go into operation on schedule. What is more, China and Uzbekistan are willing to build gas chemical plant on the base of gas processing plant in Mubarek, Uzbekistan so that can produce polyethylene, liquefied gas and other products to supply the market in Central Asia. Both sides will launch economical and technological research recently.


The signature of gas cooperation agreement is energy cooperation of mutual benefits. A-line, B-line, C-line and D-line of China-Central Asia gas pipe cross thoughUzbekistan, showing that high mutual trust exists betweenChinaandUzbekistan. After D-line of China-Central Asia gas pipe going into operation, the gas imported from Central Asia toChinawill reach 85 billion cubic meters per year. China-Central Asia gas pipe will become the largest gas transmission system inCentral Asia.


The construction of D-line of China-Central Asia gas pipe not only expands gas export capacity in Uzbekistan, but also promotes oil and gas industry and economic society to develop in China. It makes economic relation between China and Uzbekistan more tightly, realizing complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win. The signature also means that cooperation field is expected to extend from exploratory development and gas trade in upstream to chemical industry in downstream. The scope of cooperation is expanded further.

 China Signed Gas Cooperation Agreement with Uzbekistan

Aug 21,2014
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