Break the Puzzle of a Price War of Control Valves

China as a world factory, though the brand awareness of local manufacturing has been improved, the low price is still one of the main competitiveness of Chinese products. While the valve industry is especially the case,the bidding proportion among product orders from some valve enterprises even accounts for more than 80% due to the price factor.Many small businesses have been fighting for a "price war" in order to get orders. However, some small businesses tend to cheat on labour and materials so as to reduce costs after getting an order by reducing the product price,which results in unqualified products, thus causes disorderly market competition, affects the reputation of the valve industry. What is the most horrible is that if things go on like this,China valve industry is also likely to encounter trade barriers in the international market."Modularity for low-end products,branding for high-end products" said chairman Fang Yongliang at Zhejiang Valve Group in the thirty-years celebration for its establishment. From a village industry with less than 10 employees,under 5000 yuan of total assets up to now a professional valve manufacturing with more than 700 employees,more than 80 million yuan of total assets. 30 years of market experience shows that only in the way which companies can seize opportunities, strengthen R&D ability, and constantly improve technological element of a product and product quality, can companies occupy the initiative position in the fierce market competition.

Fang Yongliang told a reporter that in recent years, the valve group has actively guided the control valve enterprises to accelerate the popularization and application of adopting virtual manufacture qualifications, CNC technology to ensure product workmanship and to build new industrial advantages.The key technology and equipment of products trends towards NC and intelligentize.When it came to the future, The dream he stressed is to promote the standard process of domestic control valves through their own efforts and also set up R &D inspection center in the future.

It is understood that the valve group won a licence for civil nuclear pressure equipment design and manufacture qualification as early as 2005 years. The company specialized in the design and manufacture of control valves, annually producing 13000 control valves. At present, produced valve products are widely used in oil development, natural gas transportation,oil refining,chemical industry,metallurgy,sewage treatment and so on. The company has  been rated as AAA credit enterprise for ten years running based on high-quality products and integrity service,
Aug 07,2013
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