China and Russia Signed New Gas Supply Contract

It was reported that China and Russia had already passed the plan that Russia supplies gas to China through its eastern region and signed the new gas supply contract that transmits gas through Aletai which is closer to the western of Russia. The negotiation also enhanced partnerships between two sides in energy sector.


China signed several memorandums of understanding with Russia, including gas supply in the eastern line, high speed railways, journey, etc. After the nineteenth regular meeting between Russian and China Prime Minister on October 13,China and Russia signed 38 contracts.


In energy field, two sides signed 3 important contracts, containing an inter-governmental agreement, a group of commercial agreements and a technology agreement.


Alexei Miller, the CEO of Gazprom claimed that key point of negotiation was gas supply route in the western and gas supply contract that supplying 30 billion cubic meters per year of gas was also being prepared.


“In the late of this year, the second and the third gas pipe may be started to realize 1 hundred billion cubic meters per year of gas supply.” Alexei Miller said. 


Since March in last year, the total amount of oil and gas supply contracts signed betweenChinaandRussiais as high as almost 7 hundred billion dollars.


In 2013, two sides signed cooperation agreement that Russia increased oil supply to China through the eastern line and the western line. According to the contract, amount of oil will be increased to 22 million tons per year by Russia. Among that, increasing oil supply gradually through China-Russia oil pipe from the eastern line on the basis of 15 million tons per year. Total oil supply will reach to 30 million tons since 2018. Supply 7 million tons per year of oil to China through China-Kazakhstan oil pipe from the western line. The total amount of the contract is as high as more than 2.7 hundred billion dollars.      

China and Russia Signed New Gas Supply Contract

Oct 16,2014
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