Bulgaria, Hungary Support South Stream Gas Pipe

South Stream gas pipe will be of great significance to realize diversified energy supply. Both Bulgaria and Hungary support to implement the program. That was the opinion published by Plevneliev, the president after meeting with János who visited to Bulgaria on November 11.


Plevneliev said that building up South Stream gas pipe was essential for Bulgaria. Bulgaria comes up with two conditions for building the pipe. One is that conform to European laws. The other is that should be advantageous for Bulgaria. Bulgaria advises that European should negotiate with Gazprom, in order to reach an agreement about observing a serious of documents of European the third energy reform proposals. For the second condition,Bulgaria has already signed contract for construction cost of South Stream gas pipe with Russia. But it has not signed the contract for revenues yet.


János used Germany building North Stream gas pipe as an example to explain the importance of South Stream gas pipe. János said that Germany built up North Stream gas pipe, aim at avoid being affected by all of political problems or crisis and ensuring Germany receiving gas without obstacles. In terms of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, that may cause some negative consequences. For acquiring energy supply security, South Stream gas pipe must be implemented. It is not only the goal that Bulgaria and Hungary seeking for, but also the goal that all of countries are making effort to acquire sufficient gas for developing gas. Diversified energy supply is quite vital. Bulgaria and Hungary are actively seeking for all of possibility of energy. Only in this way, they can develop their own economy without any troubles and being safe from being impacted by various crisis or terrorists attacks.   

Bulgaria, Hungary Support South Stream Gas Pipe

Nov 14,2014
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