An American Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico Exploded

It was reported that an American oil platform in Gulf of Mexico exploded on November 20, having caused one death and three injuries.


BSEE said that Fieldwood whose headquarter located at Houston,Texas reported that their oil platform which was 12 miles away from offshore of Louisiana exploded at 3pm.


All of victims in the accident were contractor’s workers. Beside one death in explosion, other three injured workers were sent to hospital for curing and at least one person was hurt badly.


However, Fieldwood stated that it was a completely isolated accident. When the accident happened, there was no oil or gas operation being carried out on the platform. Facilities were not damaged and the accident also did not cause any pollutions.


BSEE also stressed that damage was only limited in exploding region. There were no signs showing that any oil was pour into the sea.


The reasons causing explosion were still unclear. Federal regulators were cooperation with The U.S. Cost Guard for investigation.


Fieldwood which is located at Houston is a company who concentrating on acquisition and development of gas and oil in North America, including Gulf of Mexico. In July, it had ever purchased shoal water businesses of Apache in Gulf of Mexico at a price of 3.75 billion dollars.


In September, also in coast of Louisiana, a gas pipe of Chevron exploded when contractor was repairing. One person dead and two persons were injured. The reasons are still being investigated. 

An American Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico Exploded


Nov 21,2014
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