Usage and Features of Flat Gate Valves

Usage of flat gate valves
Flat gate valves are a type of gate valves. Just like wedge gate valves, flat gate valves are mainly used to cut off media, instead of regulating flow of media inside pipelines. The advantages of flat gate valves include low fluid resistance, less labor, short face to face dimension, no limitation on flow direction of media. However, flat gate valves also have disadvantages. Sealing pair has two sealing face, so the gate valves have complicated process and high cost. The gate valves are also larger than other types of valves. The gate valves need long time to on-off. What's more, sealing faces rub with each other, causing bruise easily during on-off.

Features of flat gate valves
1. Seat adopts O ring and floating seat structure having been applied preload to realize double sealing on inlet and outlet of valves. The torque of valves is only half of that of common valves. The valves can be turned on-off easily. 
2. Seat uses double sealing whose sealing face inset or bead welded with stainless steel (or CoCrW alloy) and having meat to metal sealing. Meanwhile, sealing face can clean dirt on disc. 
3. For metal to metal sealing valves, grease injection structure is set outside of body. Grease enters into sealing face of valves through oil injection structure or seat to realize zero leakage. 
4. In terms of gate valves whose disc having deflector holes. No matter it is completely on or off, the disc are always coinciding with sealing faces. So, the sealing face is protected from being washed directly by media. Service life is extended. 
5. When valve is fully opened, the passage is straight line having extremely low flow resistance coefficient and no pressure loss. The pipeline can be cleaned by using ball top. 
6. Flat gate valves use packing structure with self sealing capability. The valves dose not need to be adjusted frequently and convenient for on-off. The valves also having reliable sealing. Stuffing box office is equipped with auxiliary grease injection structure. Sealing is absolutely reliable and zero leakage is realized. The valves do not have the advantage that stuffing box office of common valves is easy for leakage.
7. The valves dismount lumen high pressure automatically during turning off, ensuring utilization safety. 

8. Whole sealing structure has good protective properties, adapting to all weather requirements. 

Feb 04,2015
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