Pakistan Advised Iran to Abandon Peace Gas Pipe Program

Recently, Pakistan has put forward alternative solution of Peace gas pipe program to Iran. The new solution stipulates that supply Iranian gas to Pakistan through Oman, instead of crossing through boundaries directly. Abasi, the Minister of Ministry of Oil & Natural Resources of Pakistan said the representatives of two nations would discuss the proposal in Teheran.


For American anti-Iran sanctions, Pakistan decided to abandon Peace gas pipe program completely. Iran may not discuss the new solution with Pakistan. It has already built 1,000 km of pipe to the boundaries of Pakistan. At present, the pipe will become political monument and silence witness of American Asia policies.


Pakistani proposal looks like hopeless operation. According to plan,Oman will liquefy Iranian gas, then uses oil tanker to transmit to Pakistan through its terminal station. Iran has already signed contract with Oman. Oman will buy gas from Iranin the next 25 years, liquefying gas and sell to Japan, Korea and India. Pakistan also wants to join in the plan.


However, it is still unclear when the pipe from Iran to Oman through the Persian Gulf can be built up. Nowadays, the pipe which is worth for about 1 billion dollars has not been started yet.


Meanwhile, Indian corporations also discuss with Iran about supply Iranian gas to India through sea routes. India refuses to join in Peace program, even Iran-Pakistan gas pipe extended to its homeland. India is fear that Pakistan may cut off gas supply to India.


Sanctions and risks of transportation bury Peace gas pipe program, having great influence on Indian and Pakistani dynamic security. As a result, they have to consider the plan which is expensive and difficult to be realized.


Pakistan plans to use oil tanks to carry LNG to Gwadar Port and built up pipe to reach to Nawabshah, Sindh Province. Some Chinese corporations show their great interests to the program. Experts point out that Pakistan has already planed to build regasfication plant in Gwadar Port, just as terminal station of oil. For that, Pakistan has invited Chinese investors and handed the harbor to China for management. But, politics about unsteady situation in Near East and Persian Gulf and transportation risks are the main obstacles for Gwadar Port developing.   

Pakistan Advised Iran to Abandon Peace Gas Pipe Program

Sep 19,2014
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