Features of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

Currently, as a kind of components to cut off pipeline system or regulate flow, butterfly valves have been widely used in various industries including petroleum, chemical engineer and metallurgy. Rubber, PTFE and other materials are used as sealing materials. Because of being limited by structural features, butterfly valves are not suitable for being used in industries having high temperature and pressure, corrosion and abrasion. 

In chemical engineering, pneumatic butterfly valves are one type of pneumatic valves which are commonly used in pipeline system or fluid engineering. In general, pneumatic butterfly valves consist of pneumatic actuator and butterfly valves. Pneumatic butterfly valves have the following features:
1. Having small dimensions and light weight; butterfly valves are disassembled and repaired easily and can be installed at in any positions. 
2. Having compact and simple structure, low toque.
3. Compared with pneumatic gate valves, flow characteristic of butterfly valves tends to straight line. The valves have good regulation performance. 
4. The connection between disc of pneumatic butterfly valves and stem adopts non-pin structure, in case of possible internal leakage. 
5. Excircle of disc is manufactured into sphere, improving sealing performance and extending service life of valves.
6. Sealing parts are replaceable, having reliable sealing and realizing two-way sealing. 
7. Disc can be sprayed a coat such as nylon and PTFE to meet customers’ requirements.
8. The valves can be designed into flange connection and wafer connection. 

Butterfly valves have simple structure, small volume and light weight. The valves consist of only a few of parts. If butterfly valve is full on, thickness of disc is the only resistance when media pass through the valve. Low pressure drop is produced when media flow through valves. For this, butterfly valves have good flow control performance. Butterfly valves have elastic sealing and metal sealing, two types of sealing. 

Features of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

Apr 23,2015
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