CI Series Valves from China Valves

The CI Series of rotary valves from China Valves is specific designed for applications creating harsh or abrasive dusts. Also, it has many advantages such as processing operations continuous performance, and high energy efficiency.
CI series valve housings are cast in North America in order to supply excellent strength in the composition and solidification of the housing’s metallurgy. The outboard bearing design of the CI series allows a longer bearing life and maintenance cycles. It is capable of applications with the maximum to 15PSIG. This unique design also protects the bearings in high temperature to 750 ºF. And protect the bearings from the path of damaging and contaminating materias.

By means of decreasing pressure loss throughout the system to the highest level, the 8-vane rotor design raises process efficiency. With simultaneous 2-vane inlet seal and 2-vane outlet seal, the CI series keeps different pressure levels, and reduce compressed air requirements. 
China CI Series rotary valves are made of cast iron, 304 or 316 stainless steel, with size range from 10 inches to 44 inches. Rotor configurations are optional from close-end, shallow-pocket, Jeasin®-coated to adjustable-tip. And Adjustable rotor tip are with a wide range from EDPM, hardened steel, stainless steel, bronze to polyurethane.

Sep 24,2013
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