Analysis of Safety Valve Market in China

Safety valves are a kind of automatic valves mainly used for boiler, pressure vessel and pipe, preventing pressure from exceeding rated value to protect personnel and equipments. As a type of commonly seen and utilized tool, safety valves have wide application. The reliability and performance of safety valves have direct relationship with the security of equipments and personnel.


Analysts point out that the scale of safety valve market in 2014 was expanded substantially, compared with last year. The demand on safety valve market is higher than last year by 20%. However, safety valve industry in China still has low production concentration, poor R&D capability to be matched with high-grade products and low manufacturing technology level.


With the development of every industry, varieties and specifications of safety valve are increasing continuously. More and more industries begin to use safety valves, such as petroleum industry, oil refinery, nuclear power and thermal power. To meet the different requirements in those industries, new products and new equipments need to be released. Safety valve manufacturing is a type of special equipment industry. There are only a few qualified safety valve manufacturers in China and AQSIQ has stricter investigation for qualifications appliance. Without doubt, large safety valve market will bring more commercial opportunities to safety valve manufacturers.


In the future, safety valves will cooperate with automation of industries, promoting to improve the overall level and develop petroleum safety valves having multi-functions, high efficiency and low consumption. The competition will be quality safety and brands of products in safety valve market. Products will be developed into high technology, high coefficient, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. Manufacturers should reform their own technology to develop new products and transform technology, continuing researching technical parameters and working conditions of products to boost update of safety valves and realize complete localization of safety valves.

A report shows that safety valve industry in China will have a better prospect because of large demands. More and more industries have new requirements for products and higher requirements for quality and technology of safety valves.  

Jul 24,2014
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