Wafer Butterfly Valve: Cast Iron,ANSI B16.10,NPS 2

Wafer Butterfly Valve: Cast Iron,ANSI B16.10,NPS 2
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  • Soft sealing wafer butterfly valve and double eccentric flanged butterfly valve developed by our company have the advantages of compact structure,ease for switching at 90 ° rotary, reliable sealing, long service life,which are widely used in water works, power plants, steel mills,and other systems for water supply and sewage and used as the regulation and cutoff.
    Structural features:
    1. The valve with double eccentric structure provides reliable sealing performance,tighter sealing function, .
    2. The sealing materials made of stainless steel pairing with butyronitrile oil resistant rubber feature long service life.
    3. Rubber sealing ring can be located either on the valve body or on the butterfly disc, and applicable to the medium with different features for the users to choose.
    4.Butterfly disc adopts frame structure,which features high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance.
    5. The overall baking finish can effectively prevent from corrosion, and it can be used in different media as long as sealing valve seats and sealing materials are changed .
    6.Unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving, convenient.
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