Turbine Grooved Butterfly Valve,Ductile Iron,MSS SP-67

Turbine Grooved Butterfly Valve,Ductile Iron,MSS SP-67
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  •  The introduction of turbine grooved butterfly valve:
    This turbine grooved butterfly valve uses a worm gear, worm to drive. Following with the cam rotation press down or let go the contact on signal device according to a predetermined position. The contact outputs correspondingly "on" "off" signal, displaying butterfly valve on-off state.

    Main features of turbine grooved butterfly valve:
    1. Small in size and light, easy dismounting and maintenance, and can be installed at any position.
    2. The design is with compact, simple structure, 90 °rotation and rapid opening and closing.
    3. Small operation torque, light and handy
    4. Flow volume is in straight line, good regulation performance.
    5. Tens of thousands of times for opening and closing times, long life.
    6. Completely sealed, the test of gas leakage of zero.

    Use attention:
    1. Turbine grooved butterfly valve can be installed in any position in pipeline.
    2. The installation position of the valve should ensure that it is convenient to use, repair and replacement. 
    3. It is not necessary to consider the direction of flow media in the pipeline, which allows two-way flow.
    4. Turbine grooved butterfly valve should be stored in a dry place indoors before installation. The valve plate opens 4 °- 5. °.

    The advantages of turbine grooved butterfly valve:

    1. Light: clamp approach with light weight, few numbers of bolts, and no extra skill is needed due to convenient installation.
    2. Reliable: design with scientific and rational authority, peculiar C type rubber sealing ring which realize triple seal, guaranteeing the reliability of the connection seal.
    3. Economic: because of the fast installation, without extra skills, low repair rate. Thus comprehensive resettlement cost can reduce 30-50% than that of flange.
    4. Little space occupation: groove type clamp approach covers 30% less space than the Flange, and because the fastening bolts is of few numbers and with no objectivity. Thus work can be started especially in practical space under narrow circumstances condition
    5. General practical pipe: groove type clamp approach can be used to link a variety of pipes like seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe   and other metal pipe.

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