ANSI Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valves:DN40-600,EPDM/PDFE Seat

ANSI Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valves:DN40-600,EPDM/PDFE Seat
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  • Pneumatic wafer Butterfly valves structure is that its disc shaped valve plate is as the disc. It moves as valve stem moving to open and close, regulate fluid channel. The pneumatic wafer Butterfly valves plate is installed in the diameter direction in pipes. In cylindrical channels of pneumatic wafer butterfly valves body, the disc shaped valve plate rotates around the axis. Its rotation angle is between 0 °-90 °. When rotating to 90 °, the valve is fully open.

    Pneumatic wafer butterfly valves has simple structure, small volume, light weight, lower material consumption, small installation size, quick open and close, 90 ° reciprocating rotary, low driving torque, etc. It is used for truncation, connection, regulation medium in pipe. It has good flow control and closing sealing performance.

    Pneumatic wafer butterfly valves can deliver mud. It has the least accumulated liquid in apertures. Under low pressure, it can achieve good sealing. And it has good adjustment performance. 

    Parameters of pneumatic wafer butterfly valves :

    - Size: DN40-600
    - Body: GG25, GGG40,
    - Disc: CF8/ CF8M/ GGG40/ Al-Br
    - Working pressure: PN10/ 16
    - Flange standard: PN10/ 16/ ANSI150
    - Comply with MSS-SP-67, BS5155, API609. 
    - Compatible with GB, DIN, BS, ANSI flanges.
    - Face to face according to ISO 5752.
    -Available in size 1.5'-24'.
    - Available withmanual gear operators,electric or pneumatic actuators

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