3-Piece Full-port Ball Valves -Socket Weld Ends,Series 59

3-Piece Full-port Ball Valves -Socket Weld Ends,Series 59
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  • We offers a complete line of pneumatic/electric automation packages for the electric actuator of series 59 full-port ball valves,which are recommended for commercial and residential construction. Series 59 full-port ball valves are available in fire-rated also configuration AF59 in sizes,style,body,pipe ends,ect.ANSI Class 600 belongs to 1/4"–2" Series 59 full-port ball valves. ANSI Class 300 is classified as 3" and 4" Series 59 full-port ball valves.Series 59 full-port ball valves is mainly composed of these components:stem seals,stronger locking lever handle for ease of operation,heavy-duty bolting,Full ANSI B16.34 compliance,ISO mounting pad for actuators.

    Valve Pressure Rating:1000 psi~1500psi

    Size range:1/4"~4"

    Standard: ANSI B16.34

    Materials:C.S., 316 S.S.,Chrome-Plated Brass,TFE, Reinforced TF,ect.

    constructions::stem seals,stronger locking lever handle,heavy-duty bolting,Full ANSI B16.34 compliance,ISO mounting pad 

    Style:Three-piece,full port, four-bolt (1/4"–2")

    Services:Applications that deliver water for commercial and residential construction

    Details for Seat Pressure/Temperature Ratings,flow coefficient,constructions of full-port ball valves as follow:

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