Stainless Steel Hard Seal Flange Ball Valve:WCB,DN100 1/2″-8″

Stainless Steel Hard Seal Flange Ball Valve:WCB,DN100  1/2″-8″
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  • Stainless steel hard seal ball valve whoes sphere and valve seat use metal to metal seal.The sealing structure loaded flexure spring used in the valve seat pushes through the limitations of low operating temperature for soft sealing ball valve and not applicable for media with granular. Stainless steel hard seal ball valve is used in the equipment and pipeline for high temperature and high pressure water, steam, oil, viscosity and particle media.


    - The plate spring loaded sealing structure used in the valve seat can be used in a higher temperature and media with granulars.
    - The ball can be designed as an anti-static structure. Conductive spring is arranged between the ball and stem to avoid igniting the flammable material static spark for static sparking, and to ensure systems security.
    - Ball valve seat can be arranged auxiliary seal structure. Adding grease valve in the place of the valve seat and the stem can be temporarily sealed for emergency situations , and the stemcan be extended to be for beuried and laying places according to needs

    Design specifications: API 6D API 608 BS 5351 GB/T12237
    Structure length : ASME B16.10 GB/T 12221
    Flange connection: ASME B16.5 GB/T 9113

    Test and inspection: GB/T 13927 API 598 API 6D

    Working PressureMPa

    1.6~6.3 (Calss150-Calss400)

    Diameter (mm)

    DN15-DN200  1/2″-8″

    Applicable Medium

    High Temperature and Particle Medium


    Valve Rod

    WCB, Chrome-molybdenum Steel ,CF8 CF8M


    WCB, Chrome-molybdenum steel, CF8 CF8M


    2Cr13  F304  F316

    Sealing Face

    Nitriding ,Hardfacing STL


    Soft Graphite

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