GB Cast Steel Globe Valves:Flanged,Butt-Welded End,GB/T 9113

GB Cast Steel Globe Valves:Flanged,Butt-Welded End,GB/T 9113
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  • Flanged cast steel globe valves are not only suitable for low pressure but also for high pressure due to small friction between sealing surfaces in the process of opening and closing, more durable,small liftt,easy manufacture, and convenient repair.Flanged cast steel globe valves are used in petroleum,pharmaceutical,electric power industry and other working conditions to cut off or regulate the medium in the pipeline.Also change the valve design as throttle valves or regulating valves.
    Structural length: GB/T 12221
    Flange connection: GB/T 9113 JB/T 79
    Test and inspection: GB/T 13927 JB/T9092
    1. Reasonable structure, reliable sealing 
    2. Sealing surface welded Co base hard alloy, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistance, good anti-friction performance,long service life;
    3. part materials and the sizes of flanges, welding end are reasonably matched according to actual working conditions or users' requirements  to meet various needs of working conditions.
    5.Valve core can be made into cutting and regulating type according to the needs.





    Working PressureMPa


    Applicable Temperature


    Applicable Medium



    Valve Body&Bonnet

    Cast Steel

    Valve Rod

    Chromium Stainless Steel

    Sealing Face

    Surfacing iron-base alloy

    Surfacing hard Alloy


    Graphie AsbestosSoft GraphiteTeflon

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