GB Bellows Sealed Globe Valve:Flanged End,JB/T79,PN16~PN25

GB Bellows Sealed Globe Valve:Flanged End,JB/T79,PN16~PN25
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  • Double seals for the stem of bellows globe valve add the dual-seal design structure of filler auxiliary seal. Setting the ricating nozzle,position indicator and no lifting handwheel is suitable for steam, conduction oil,corrosive gas-liquid medium,especially harsh conditions sealing with particularly high requirements for sealing reliability.


    1. Bellows sealed globe valve whoes key component is metal bellows. The bottom and stem component are welded by automatic roll welding;the upper and connecting plate are used with automatical roll welding. Form a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the air to ensure stem of zero leakage.
    2.The valve is desiged with cone, providing better sealing performance  and longer service life.
    3.Double sealing design (bellows plus filler): If the bellows fail, the stem packing would avoid leakage. 
    4.The bonnet is provided with stuffing fittings, which can directly lubricate for the valve stem, nut and sleeve, unlike traditional add lubricant oil only for thread.
    5.Designing handwheel with the human engineering provides longer service life,, safe and reliable,easy and convenient operation.


    Design standards: GB12235
    Structural length: GB12221
    Flange connection: GB9113, JB/T79, HG20596
    Test and inspection: JB/T9092, GB/T13927
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