Cast Steel Self-operated Flow Control Valve, Flanged

Cast Steel Self-operated Flow Control Valve, Flanged
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Categories: Control Valves
  • Cast steel self-operated flow control valve consist of a control valve with set flow and actuator. The valve is used to control flow in pipeline systems. It is applicable for non-corrosive medium.

    Characteristics of self-operated flow control valve

    1.  Having internal bellows and pressure balanced structure, high sensitivity.

    2.  Having compact structure and reliable performance, without maintenance.

    3.  Adopting standard modular design.

    4.  Control flow based on the standard of throttle valve, convenience.

    5.  Using different assemblies can process multi composite control

    Face to face: flanged

    Leakage level: ASME B16.104 V (soft seal), ASME B16.104 IV (hard seal)

    Applicable temperature:-30~150


    Nominal diameter DN

    DN15-300, inch 1/2-12

    Nominal pressure

    ANSI 150Lb,300Lb

    Materials of body

    HT200, ZG230-450, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo9Ti

    Materials of core

    Stainless steel

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